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The world is full of great and wonderful things for those who are ready for them. -Moominpappa

Ice sculpture exhibit for groups

Believe me: there’s nothing more dangerous in life than to become an indoor sitter. - It gives you all kinds of ideas.
- Hemulen, Moominland Midwinter

Groups of 10 persons or more, such as day care centers, schools and travel parties can reserve exhibition visits by contacting Vesileppis' sales service.

Find out more about experience packages with even more winter fun and tasty meals.

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Make the exhibition a part of your holiday

A family has to be ventilated at times.
- Moomintroll, Moominland Midwinter

Make the Moomin ice sculpture exhibit a part of your holiday, or embark on an adventure at Vesileppis for the entire day. Enjoy both the ice cave's arctic winter and the splashy joys of swimming during one day! See our holiday services here.