Ice cave

Grownups don't slide down chutes. They're too afraid of looking silly. -Moomintroll

Descend 30 meters into an underground cave

You can descend to the depths of Earth right from the lobby of Hotel Vesileppis. Not only the Moomin ice sculpture exhibit waits in the cave, but also lots of other wintry fun.


Shoot down the ice chute for a wild experience! Grownups are allowed to look silly too!


Husky rides for groups. Please make a reservation.

Wintry fun

Do you have what it takes to take a spin on the sleigh-go-round?

Revisit the 2018 ice cave

The Ice Carving World Championships of 2017 and 2018 were hosted in Vesileppis' ice cave. The sculptures were carved by the team Jäälinnan Mestariveistäjät, including Wold Champion Lkhavgadori ”George” Dorjsuren and Finnish Champion Anssi Kuosa. The visuals were provided by the Finnish team of veteran experts, Fantasia Works. See the video below.