Bigger than ever, the Moomin Ice Cave will return on April 1st, 2023.

























Thank you all for season 2021-2022!

Now the Moomins retreat for their well-earned hibernation. We will see you again in an even bigger Ice Cave on April 1st, 2023 with a brand new adventure! Until then, remember Moominmamma's wise words:

All nice things are good for you.

15 €
1–3-year-olds 8 €
Family 48 €

Mon–Sun 10 am–8 pm, 10 am–2 pm on August 28th


Winter secrets

Moomins wake up from their hibernation when the police knocks on the door. Stinky has escaped and his tracks leads to the Moominhouse. Sleep can wait and the adventure begins.

Feel the magic of ice sculptures

The best ice sculptors of the world have created for you a frozen wonderland where the play of light lets your imagination run wild.

Are you afraid of the Groke?

Groke has brought eternal winter to the cave. It might be summer aboveground, but inside the ice cave you can experience the wonders of winter and console lonesome Groke.

Descend 30 meters into an underground cave

Vesileppis Muumi Jääluola


The only ice statue exhibit in the world awaits deep underground. Learn more about the cave and the show's origins.


Book a cave visit for group or combine it with your holiday

Vesileppis Muumi Jääluola


Book a visit to the ice sculpture exhibition for your group or combine it with your holiday.